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Episode 253 – So not the right thing to do Sonos

BREAKING NEWS: Massive Sonos Backdown CEO Pleads Angry Customers

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Episode 245 – Getting an earful!

Whatever next – a day early? Due to an appointment at my son’s school tomorrow, I’ve recorded the show on a Sunday evening. A rant or two makes for a good show.

Tune into the Mac & Forth Show where I make one of my “guest” appearances!

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Episode 230 – Well Played Synology, Well Played!

A three pronged approach on this show. I applaud the simplicity of my Synology upgrade, add up the cost of all my “little” subscriptions, plus I expand on the tale of my “bent” iPad Pro.

Mac repair recommendation from Chris

Just Fix Mac

St Albans AL1 9RA

0844 812 2188

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Episode 224 – Ultimate Game Pass Live Gold

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Episode 202 – Fill your Boots! Black Friday is here early!

I didn’t think Black Friday wasn’t until after that American Thanksgiving holiday, but apparently, we now have a Black Friday fortnight!

Deals galore on lots of Amazon devices, and thank you to one listener – an amazing deal on Series 3 Apple Watches from Very at £199!

I also talk about my new 4K fire stick, and three reasons I have ordered an Nvidia Shield!

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Open Letter to Tim Cook

Hi Tim

Sorry to disturb your Saturday, after what must’ve been a very long and exciting day yesterday with the launch of the iPhone Xs, MAX, and Series 4 Apple Watch.
The GOOD news is my Black Apple Watch arrived yesterday – it’s my third, and I love it!
BAD news though, is after managing to buy a new iPhone every year since 2007, I am sitting here without the latest model. I’ve been on the Apple Upgrade Program (AUP) now for 2 years, and upgraded to the X last November. I excitingly woke up early on the 14th and preordered my new phone for collection today from the UK Apple Store in Reading.
I drove the 40 minutes in the pouring rain to get there, extremely tired after a 15 hour working day yesterday, and got to the branch at 8:40am – to be told Apple that the wifi was down – nothing would be happening today –  NO reservations, no Genius Bar, nothing.
There were 30 disappointed people in that queue. We were told to wait for news. (And promised a donut for good measure – which I never got BTW)
At 9am the doors opened – and chaos ensued. The staff didn’t know what to do or say. The ONE person in the branch who was trying to sort things out was inundated with less than patient customers. The upshot is Tim is that for the first time ever, I am without the latest, greatest iPhone. Its not the end of the world, I am extremely fortunate to be moaning abut something which is relatively trivial in the bigger scheme of things. But, Tim, a trillion dollar company unable to sell its most loyal customers a £1000+ Apple product because the IT is down? I suggested to the lady to use my iPhone as a hotspot, but apparently that wouldn’t work.
So, Tim, what use is the AUP, if at the end of the day I can’t upgrade?  I can’t get back to Reading for at least 2 weeks, my work diary is horrendous, and I can’t really justify to my family that I give up another 2 hours of my life to give you more of my hard earned cash. I have lost confidence in the AUP. I am better off buying phones outright, or dealing with the mobile phone companies. Can I just end the AUP, and give you my old phone back, and bring this relationship to an end?
Your thoughts please Tim
Happy iPhone Day
PS Tried to email you, but your SMTP server rejected it – either its full, or another IT glitch perhaps?